Membuat Simulasi Jaringan Komputer dengan Packet Tracer
1/11/2009 10:21:00 AM | Author: Sapta

Berikut ini saya punya informasi bagi rekan-rekan yang ingin belajar tentang Jaringan Komputer. Ada program yang bernama Packet Tracer v3.2, bagus untuk simulasinya.
Program ini dibuat oleh Cisco Systems, Inc. yang seolah-olah anda terhubung langsung dengan alat umpama router, PC dan lainnya serta berisi animasi.
Berikut deskripsinya :

Packet Tracer v3.2 Student-Created Networking Simulations and Animations
Packet Tracer v3.2 is a stand-alone, medium-fidelity simulation environment for networking novices to design, configure, and troubleshoot CCNA-level networks. Students first create a network topology using a drag-and-drop interface. The devices chosen may then be interconnected and configured via a GUI. Additionally, switches and routers may be configured by a limited simulated version of Cisco IOS.
After interconnecting and configuring devices, students can enter simulation mode. This causes RIP v2 routing updates and a form of STP to be executed. Students may then define packets with various characteristics and watch the animation of the packet’s route through the network. Due to a discrete-time model, they may follow the packet as it encounters different network devices, in a step-by-step or continuous movie mode. At any point in a packet’s journey it may be stopped, its headers examined, and its processing according to device algorithms explored. In addition, students can also enter realtime mode, an environment where pings may be issued to diagnose basic connectivity.
Technologies and Protocols supported include:
-Console, straight-thru, cross-over, serial, fiber, wireless, and modem connections
-Limited Cisco IOS CLI configuration of switches and routers
-Switches, including port characteristics, VLAN database, VLANs, Trunking
-Routers, including ACLs, VLSM, simple NAT and PAT, and a form of DHCP
-Routing, including RIP v2, static and default routes, and load balancing
-Clouds, bridges, hubs, access points, repeaters, PCs, servers, printers
-Views of bridging, switching, and routing tables, OSI encapsulation, Link Status
-Ping, Extended Ping, and traceroute capability
-Modeling of many OSI Layer 1, 2, 3, and 4 features
-A Challenge Mode which requires the student to direct the packet by making device algorithm decisions
-File saving, so topologies and configurations can be shared amongst instructors and collaboratively worked upon by students
-An Activity Wizard, which enables the authoring of design, configuration, and troubleshooting activities for practice and formative assessment

Packet Tracer v3.2 is based on three learning principles learning is active, learning is social, and learning is contextual. Hence it is meant to facilitate the creation of engaging, collaborative, and localized instructional materials. For Instructors, Packet Tracer v3.2 may be used for assigning homework, as a formative assessment, before and after hands-on lab activities, as a lecture and demonstration tool, for practicing and visualizing IP subnetting and VLSM, for case study and design activities, for distributing bugged configurations to students for troubleshooting, and as a companion to the technical reading many students find difficult. Packet Tracer v3.2 is relevant to approximately 50% of the core Target Indicators as defined in the CCNA v3.1 PASS document. Dozens of already-created topologies and simulations have been included; tutorials are built-in. For students, Packet Tracer v3.2 can be a fun, take-home, flexible piece of software to help with their CCNA studies, allowing them to experiment with network behavior and ask "what if" questions.

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